Volume 3, Issue 1, 2022, Page 38 - 45
Author(s) :
Hamid Janabadi *1
1 Master student of Political Science Department of Birjand University

Abstract :
Abstract The phenomenon of the Islamic Revolution has always been considered as the greatest socio-political development in all ages and has been considered by scientific and academic circles. And the strata that line up against the political power based on their goals, that is, the set of pro-government elements, the phenomenon of revolution as the greatest socio-political change in all ages has been thought-provoking. Foreign policy is the analysis of complex multi-layered processes, including the goals that governments pursue in their relations with other governments. Based on this analysis, the semantic framework in which foreign policy is formed is the basis for the interests and goals that decision In foreign policy is of central importance The foreign policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran is also the result of complex and multilevel interaction between governmental and non-governmental actors. In this research, we try to study the revolutionary nature of foreign policy and then answer the question that the foreign policy of the Islamic Republic and what principles and foundations have been established? Finally, we will reach the conclusion that foreign policy has an Islamic nature, based on which it is required to defend the rights of Muslims around the world and has a social identity. This research uses a descriptive-analytical method and the library method. O and articles and other available resources are done Keywords: Leadership, Islamic Revolution, Foreign Policy of the Islamic Republic, Social Force

Keywords :
Leadership, Islamic Revolution, Foreign Policy of the Islamic Republic, Social Force

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25 Jul 2022
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25 Jul 2022
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25 Jul 2022