Volume 2, Issue 1, 2022, Page 27 - 37
Author(s) :
Ebrahim Esmaeili Atoei *1
1 Master of criminal law & criminology

Abstract :
Criminology is a branch of criminology and has emerged less than a century after the birth of criminology and in recent years. In victimology, due to the neglect of the victim (victim) for many years, research focused on the victim of the crime to determine the role of his character in the development of the crime, and this was a profound change in criminal etiology and victimology was formed. It has reached a stage where the victim needs to be given more attention. In the Iranian legal system, the institution of ransom as one of the important institutions in protecting the rights of victims of crimes against the physical integrity of individuals has found a special place in society, both in the criminal policy of countries and at the international level. Is of special importance. Comparing the institution of blood money and its related regulations with the doctrine of supportive victimology, as a new human thought, can support the capabilities of the institution of blood money.

Keywords :
criminology, ransom, supportive victimology, criminal policy, physical integrity of individuals

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14 Nov 2021
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17 Jul 2022
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17 Jul 2022