Volume 2, Issue 1, 2022, Page 11 - 26
Author(s) :
Neda Khodakaramian gilan *1 , Azad omidvar 2
1 Ph.D. Student, University of Kashan
2 Ph.D. Student, University of Kashan

Abstract :
Abstract The health of individuals is one of the main foundations of a balanced society, and the survival of any society depends on its constituents, and as long as people in a society are not healthy, it will be meaningless to talk about the development and dynamics of that society. Social health is one of the new concepts that has recently entered sociological literature and refers to the performance of individuals in society. The purpose of this study was to explain the sociological relationship between feelings of social security and social health. In this research, documentary-library method has been used. Also, the theorists and approaches used in this study are Anthony Giddens, Barry Busan, Traditional and Modern Approach, Elisha Keyes, Emile Durkheim, Talcott Parsons and Maslow. The findings show that social health is one of the factors affecting social security, and with increasing social security, people's social health also increases. Lack of social health is the result of lack of absorption in social frameworks and consequently lack of socialization. Fear and insecurity have devastating effects on people's quality of life and lead to unnecessary care and protection of people from themselves. Lack of security has caused other people not to do social activities. Therefore, social security has had an impact on social health. Keywords: Social health, Social security, Feeling of insecurity, Library- Documentary

Keywords :
Social health, Social security, Feeling of insecurity, Library- Documentary

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17 Jul 2022
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17 Jul 2022
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17 Jul 2022