Volume 1, Issue 2, 2021, Page 43 - 60
Author(s) :
Eisa Mohammad Hosseini *1
1 PhD Candidate, Department of International Relations, Faculty of Humanities and Law, Islamic Azad University of Isfahan (Khorasgan), Isfahan, Iran,

Abstract :
Maximizing power in a regional anarchic environment has always been directly related to deterrence and regional security of countries. Strengthening and increasing power and how to use it has changed with the evolution of technology. Naturally, the defense and electoral strategy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the conditions of instability in the West Asian region, has undergone changes, transformations and is designed based on regional deterrence and as a control system has several models, goals, and rules that make it possible to operate. The defense-aggression equation and the balance of power in creating strategic stability is the main foundation of the functioning of such a system. Among these, defense-offensive tools play a major role in creating such stability that the missile defense systems of the Islamic Republic of Iran are one of the most important tools. The question that the present study seeks to answer is: What is the application of Iran's missile deterrence by harnessing power with power? To answer the question by using the documents and resources of existing libraries and using descriptive methods and addressing concepts such as deterrence, the research findings show that the efficiency of Iran's missile system is not only in the shadow of production and growth of these weapons, but also change in type. The performance of missiles against the power of the hegemon and its ability to create deterrence, in other words, is a tactical change that has brought Iran to the point of balance of power and the focal point of power.

Keywords :
Regional Deterrence, Missile Defense Systems, Regional Security

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