Volume 2, Issue 1, 2022, Page 1 - 10
Author(s) :
Neda khodakaramian gilan *1 , Azad omidvar 2
1 PhD Student Study Social Issues
2 PhD Student Study Social Issues

Abstract :
Today, social health is one of the most important aspects of individual health and as people's perception of the quality of their relationship with others, the people and the surrounding community are defined and are considered as indicators of quality of life. Many health variables are explained by religious beliefs. Religious beliefs have a positive effect on people's social health. The aim of this study was to predict the effect of religious beliefs on social health. In this research, the library-documentary method has been used. The theorists used in this study are Elisha Keyes, Emile Durkheim, Peter Berger, Kinsley David and Milton Yinger. The findings show that religion stimulates the sense of social sharing and unity and strengthens group solidarity. Religious teachings of establishing extensive relationships and interactions with others make religious people more inclined to expand social connections and provide social support, which in turn leads to more social support from those around them. Keywords: Religious beliefs, Social health, Social communication, Social life.

Keywords :
Religious beliefs, Social health, Social communication, Social life.

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17 Jul 2022
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17 Jul 2022
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17 Jul 2022