Volume 3, Issue 1, 2022, Page 31 - 37
Author(s) :
* Javid Ramezani *1 , Amin Farrokhi Haghighat 2
1 Master of Political Science, University of Tehran
2 Master of Media Management, University of IRIB

Abstract :
Abstract Syria, which is considered as a strategic ally of Iran in the region after the victory of the Islamic Revolution and always supported Iran during the imposed war, since 2011, it has been in crisis and civil war on the one side and pressure from Western countries on the other. Following the escalation of these tensions, it’s seemed necessary for Iran to support this strategic ally. Because apart from this alliance, Syria was also considered as a link between Iran and Hezbollah in Lebanon and the loss of this strategic ally means the loss of Iran's revenue in the region and even the confrontation with Israel. All of these factors led Iran to establish a military presence in Syria to protect these interests to pay the least cost in the face of this crisis. But Iran's military presence in Syria showed the flaws of Iran's power to the countries of the region, even some politicians inside the country. This led us to examine the foreign policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the face of the Syrian crisis, as well as its military presence in the country in the context of defensive realism. To prove that this policy is in line with the defense of internal security and the protection of foreign interests along with maintaining order in the Middle East. The present study uses descriptive-analytical method and based on the theory of defensive realism to examine Iran's positions and views on the Syrian crisis. Keywords: Crisis, Syria, Foreign Policy, Iran, Defensive Realism

Keywords :
Crisis, Syria, Foreign Policy, Iran, Defensive Realism

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25 Jul 2022
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25 Jul 2022
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25 Jul 2022