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Rehabilitation of delinquent children and adolescents (contrary to law) in Iranian regulations
Volume 1, Issue 1, 2021, Pages 2 - 21
Author(s) : Reza Rajabi Korsikola* 1

1 Graduate student of the University of Judicial Sciences and Administrative Services, Department of Criminal Law for Children and Adolescents

Abstract :
Background and Aim: Rehabilitation of children and adolescents in conflict with the law is one of the most important issues in the criminal policy of a legal system that must be committed through extra-legislative, legislative and sub-legislative regulations, according to future-oriented, reformist and education-oriented approaches. It de-considered it, so that on the one hand, children and adolescents are allowed to return to the family and community environment, and on the other hand, it prevented various harms caused by committing crimes against them and the community. Therefore, considering that children and adolescents are the human capital of the society for the future in various fields of science, industry, education, etc., so their rehabilitation and adaptation policy is of great importance. Methodology: This research has been organized analytically-descriptively using existing rules and regulations and library resources. Results and Findings: It should be noted that the juvenile justice system is organized with the aim of educating and securing the interests of them and society, and the foundation of this system is based on growth-oriented prevention to finally abolish the process of stability in delinquency. To prevent their future deviation in society. Due to the fact that children and adolescents generally commit crimes by accident and many factors such as age sensitivity, psychological weakness, lack of awareness, etc. are effective in this regard, so the implementation of rehabilitative measures compared to criminal responses. It is more effective only.
Keywords :
delinquents, rehabilitation, prevention, reformist approach, education-oriented approac