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Street Theater, Education and Civic Education in the Corona and Post-Corona Eras
Volume 3, Issue 1, 2022, Pages 24 - 30
Author(s) : Mohammad Reza Heydari* 1 , Mohammad Mahdi Heydari 2

1 PhD student in Cultural Planning Management, Islamic Azad University of Isfahan (Khorasgan)

2 Pediatric Resident Student of Kashan University of Medical Sciences

Abstract :
Abstract The corona pandemic has led to fundamental changes to the world in all areas. Theater is not without its benefits. Education is also one of the things that has been influenced by Corona and the Covid 19 pandemic. The official institutions in charge of education can use the capacity of the theater, especially street theater, to prevent the stagnation of their educational activities. Those in charge of popular culture (folklore) can present their desired concepts in the field of citizenship education to the public, using the capacity of theater and street theater artists. Health and medical officials can also use the capacity of street theater to justify public opinion in areas where persuasion is needed to advance medical and health goals. In this research, using library resources, available resources in the field of play, theater and street theater, the capacity of performing arts and street theater for formal, informal and citizenship education is emphasized and due to the vulnerability of different classes such as artists and theater actors, it is recommended to those in charge of managing the society to use the capacity of street theater actors for civic education and to facilitate the implementation of programs that are challenging in some areas. Keywords: Theater, Street Theater, Education, Citizenship Education, Corona
Keywords :
Theater, Street Theater, Education, Citizenship Education, Corona